Crisis at CPC: Flood Information

  • By Drew Keller
  • 5 February, 2014
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Crisis at CPC: Flood Information

  • Thursday, January 9, 2014:  Water pours through restroom light fixtures in our first-floor facility due to water line break on the second floor.  This was apparently a result of southwest Ohio’s sub-zero temperatures over the course of several days.  Due to other incidents within our community, the clean-up company was unable to come to our aid for 6 days.  Water main was shut off while building was secured and blowers were brought in.
  • 15,000 pieces of baby clothing were transported from the building and laundered.  Now, those items rest in storage.
  • Wednesday January 29 was our planned “Move Back In” date.
  • Sunday, January 26, 2014:  Our Middletown Center Director, Donna Akers, stopped at our office only to find water pouring from the stairway ceiling and flowing like a river to the basement from the top floor.  Again, the repair crew was called in and they began working immediately.
  • After investigating, a broken window was discovered on the top floor which caused pipes to freeze.  Adjusters are investigating whether this was human error or the sprinkler system malfunctioning.
  • Our 4-D Ultrasound system was not damaged in this incident.  All office equipment has been removed from our offices and is in dry storage.
  • Presently, reconstruction is taking place in the Staff office area, as well as the Care Closet.  All carpet has been removed, bathrooms are stripped down to the studs, and blowers are still at work.  Continued freezing temperatures and excessive snow is slowing this process.
  • Since we are located on the first floor, this second incident was much more devastating than the first.  Again, we find ourselves closed for several more weeks.
  • We are anxious to be back at work and operating fully by March 1.  Please pray that this can come to full resolution by that time and that we would not lose a single item through water damage.
  • I also ask that you pray for us, that we would have the strength to do this again.  It is hard work and discouraging but it must be done.

We have been overwhelmed at the outpouring of affection we have received these past few weeks – so many of you have asked what you can do to help us.  Please prayerfully consider sending a support check just now, as we do not know what unknown expenses we will incur.

Or, if you wish to donate supplies, please drop them off at our Warren County office at 8 East Fifth St. in Franklin, OH.  Hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2 to 5 p.m.  Please continue to check our website at periodically, as we will give frequent updates.

I stand in amazement at your love for the unborn and your support of this ministry.  Your attention to us in this difficult time has meant the world to us!  God surely has a plan and we trust Him completely.

“The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the Lord…and in this place will I give peace.”  Haggai 2:9



Candice Keller

Executive Director

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