Ernie’s Ride 2017


Ernie’s Ride 2017 is an unsupported (no assistance vehicle), solo ride Doug will be attempting on the first weekend of June this year. It is a challenge that was created to raise funds, prayers, and awareness for the Community Pregnancy Center which serves women in Butler & Warren Counties. The premise is quite simple: Doug rides as much of the 320-mile distance between the Ohio River in Cincinnati and Lake Erie in Cleveland as he can on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You, if you’d like, sponsor him a set amount per mile and, when the weekend is over, you make your donation based on the total number of miles (320-mile max) that he rides. To do so, just visit the “Sponsor” section on and give us the amount per mile & your email address. The website will even calculate your maximum commitment for you! After the ride, Ernie’s Ride will email you with the actual total of your sponsorship and a link, address, and instructions to fulfill your pledge. Doug doesn’t handle the money!

The ride will take place June 2-4, 2017 and goes from Cincinnati to Cleveland following the Ohio to Erie Trail. That’s a total of about 335 miles over 3 days.

You might say: “Why don’t I just give a set amount?” Well, you could. And, you can. Anytime. But that’s not what is happening here. This is a focused push to challenge everyone to give BIG. The ride is part of your motivation to do so. Your per-mile pledge is THE motivation for Doug to keep pedaling and to share the benefits of his joy of riding. As the miles roll by, and fatigue creeps in, Doug will continue to pedal knowing that each mile means life to women, babies, and families in our area.

To read more about Ernie’s Ride 2017, Doug’s Uncle Ernie (in whose memory this ride takes place), and to sponsor, go to:

All of the funds raised will go to support the Community Pregnancy Center.  Please sponsor & give thoughtfully & generously at:


How You Can Help

1. Share this story and page on your Facebook, Twitter, etc…

2. Sponsor Doug on his 335-mile ride:

  • Sponsorship is done per-mile that Doug is able to accomplish in 48 hours (his goal is 320 miles)
  • If Doug makes it to Lake Erie on time, a 10-cent per mile donation would be $32.00.
    • $0.05 per mile = $16.00
    • $0.10 per mile = $32.00
    • $0.15 per mile = $48.00
    • $0.25 per mile = $80.00
    • $0.50 per mile = $160.00
    • $0.75 per mile = $240.00
    • $1.00 per mile = $320.00
    • Or whatever amount you want to pay per mile



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