After Abortion Care

Here at the Community Pregnancy Center, we care for those who have been hurt by their abortion decision. This condition is called post-abortion stress syndrome or PASS. Even though abortion is a legal procedure and an option for women, the risks and future consequences of that decision are often not adequately discussed. Also, experience and time has shown that many women are not prepared for the possible changes to their lives in response to their abortion. In many situates, the physical and emotional impact does not become evident for years.

What we do to help

We Offer a ten week bible study which is designed to help a woman through her grief and find the hope, healing and forgiveness she needs.

We encourage you to contact us at (513) 424-2229 or (937) 704-9999 for an appointment. All of our services are without cost and are confidential.

PASS Symptoms

  • Fear and avoidance of medical offices
  • Feelings of sadness/jealousy when seeing babies, children or pregnant women
  • “Anniversary Date” problems; the date the woman got pregnant; the date of the abortion or would be due date had the pregnancy not been interrupted
  • Sleep problems: dreams, nightmares
  • “Replacement Baby” feelings; the strong urge to be pregnant again
  • Intrusion or “flashbacks”
  • Emotional numbness or anger
  • Guilt and Shame
  • Isolating themselves
  • Sensitivity to pre-existing phobias
  • Eating disorders
  • Easily startled and upset by loud noises that resemble suction machine, such as vacuum cleaners or blenders
  • Obsession with pictures of fetuses
  • Relationship problems
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Over-protectiveness of current children and fear during pregnancy
  • Suicidal feelings
  • Anxiety problems & Clinical Depression


“This program has been an incredible part of my healing.”

“I never thought that anguish could betaken. He has taken that away.”

“Who am I not to forgive myself when the God of creation has forgiven me?”

“This class was an education and spiritual journey for me. I didn’t really know I needed it so much. There are references in the book that directly related my abortion experience to real life and made me feel not along. It definitely answered all my questions.”

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